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Store Help

This page provides general information on how the ecommerce store works. These are only general guidelines; each store may be uniquely configured by its owner.

Product Catalog

The store's products may be browsed by clicking on the various category names. When browsing a category, product summaries are shown. To get more details on a product, select its link in the summary display. To view more products within the category, select the page selectors that appear after the product summaries.

Product Searches

Products can also be located by performing keyword searches. You can select a keyword and it will be matched against the product's code, name, and description. This makes locating products easy when you're not sure what category to browse in.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart keeps track of all the products you want to order while you browse through the store. When you find an item that you are interested in, you can add it to your shopping cart by selecting the ADD link. Each time an item is added to the cart, you are shown a summary of the cart items and its subtotal. You can remove items from your cart or update the items's attributes or quantity from the appropriate link on the shopping cart page.

Check Out

When you are satisfied with the products you want, you must checkout of the store to place your order. Select the appropriate check out link located on most pages. You will be prompted to either login to your existing customer account or create one as you checkout. Your shipping, billing, and payment info will be processed as you go through the checkout. Finally, you will be presented with a confirmation screen which allows you to review all of your order before placing it.


The methods of payment available to you for your order will be presented on the payment page during checkout. This includes whether online and offline payments are taken. What forms of payment (check, money order, credit card, ...) and even which credit cards are accepted.


After completing the checkout and finalizing your order, you should receive an email confirmation and receipt of your order with the store. You will receive another email letting you know that your order was approved and is being shipped or if it was cancelled for some reason. You can always check on the status of your orders, by returning to the store, logging in to your customer account, and reviewing your orders in the accounts page.

Customer Accounts

Your customer account is automatically created during checkout of your order. Your account will allow you to track the status of your orders, review your order history, and use express checkout on subsequent visits to the store. You are always able to update your customer information at any time from the store's account pages. If you ever forget you account password, you can have it emailed to you from the accounts page.


If the store has multiple options for shipping orders, these are presented during the checkout payment page in a selectable list along with the additional cost for each method. Depending on where the shipping destination is, not all shipping options may be available for an order. These options are automatically removed from the select list. Finally, the store may have a pickup at store option, which has no charge for shipping, but requires you to go to the store to pick up your order after its been approved.

Sales Tax

Sales tax may be applicable depending on the items you have ordered and the address that the order is being shipped to. Any applicable sales tax charges will appear during the checkout process.

Store Policy

Returning merchandise, refunds, privacy policies, and other store policies should be detailed on the policy page. You should be able to get to the policy page from any of the store pages. If you have any questions on a particular policy, contact the store.