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TRP Propellers for D/DX150

Item Code # MARTRP1419

TRP  Propellers for D/DX150

Our price: $659.00

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Product Attributes

  • Size: 13X19P Rear, 13X21P Rear, 13X25P Rear, 13X27P Rear, 14X19P Front, 14X21P Front, 14X25P Front, 14X27P Front

Product Description

TRP Propellers for D/DX150

TRP Propellers for D/DX150
These very specialized propellers are designed specifically for the twin-rotating propeller technology on the TRP 150 engines. They are available in 19", 21", 25", and 27" pitch sets.

MARTRP1419F3 Front Prop order MARTRP1319R3 Rear Prop.

Front Prop Retail $705.00 Sell at $659.00
Rear Prop Retail $565.00 Sell at $499.00
Total for set $1158.00