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Performance 3-Blade Props

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Performance 3-Blade Props

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Product Attributes

  • Size: 14 -1/4X16P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14 -1/4X18P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14 -1/4X20P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14 -1/4X22P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14 -1/4X24P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14 -1/4X26P Perf 3-Blade SS, 14-5/8X25P Perf XL SS, 14-5/8X27P Perf XL SS

Product Description

Performance 3-Blade Props

Performance 3-Blade Props Series M or T 150HP-300HP
Choose LH in 18,20 or 22 Pitch.
Performance XL for V/VX200,V/VX225,V250 & VZ300.
These polished steel propellers are designed to provide boaters an additional option between Standard Black Steel Series and more expensive Pro and Saltwater Series propellers. A number of specialty boats will perform better with these specialized propellers. These propellers are generally more aggresive than the Standard Black propellers, so pick a pitch size one inch lower than the standard propeller. If a Pro or Saltwater Series prop was used previously, pick a pitch one inch higher when trying one of these propellers because they are slightly less aggresive. This 3 blade design is also available in left-hand rotation for twin-engine boats.