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MKP-32 Weedless Wedge II Propeller

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MKP-32 Weedless Wedge II Propeller

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Product Description

MKP-32 Weedless Wedge II Propeller

Minn Kota MKP-32 2091160 Weedless Wedge II Propeller:
The Minn Kota? replacement Weedless Wedge 2 Prop MKP-33 is a 100% fully-weedless prop with swept-back and flared blades to "wedge" weeds away while conserving battery power. It's designed to easily move through heavy vegetation or cover, even at slow speeds.
AT series:55Lbs.
Max series: 55-70Lbs
PD/PD-AP series:50-80 LBS.
Vector series: 46-70 LBS.
Edge series:45-70 LBS.
Endura/Endura Pro:46-55 LBS.
RT series: 55-70 LBS.
MK/RT Engine Mount: 55 LBS.