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E-Drive Tiller

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E-Drive Tiller

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Product Description

E-Drive Tiller

E-Drive Tiller Model

On many lakes and waterways, emission, speed and noise restrictions prohibit the use of gasoline outboards. Minn Kota® answers the call with the E-Drive electric outboard.
Cable Steering Compatible
Connects directly to your boat’s standard cable steer linkage.

Bolt-on Transom Bracket
Includes power tilt mechanism and a built-in breakaway mount that protects the motor from underwater collisions.

Built-in Digital Maximizer™
Digital Maximizer™. Up to five times longer run time on a single charge.

Conventional speed coil technology wastes energy by delivering a constant, steady flow of power to the motor – regardless of the speed setting – resulting in wasted energy.

Pioneered in 1985, Minn Kota’s innovative Maximizer™ technology delivers the precise amount of power needed at any setting, along with variable speed control. Now, our advanced, digital microprocessing optimizes draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Get up to five times longer run time on a single charge.

Tilt Gauge
Dash-mounted tilt gauge provides an instant readout of motor position. Not available on E-Drive Tiller model.

Stainless Steel Prop
Stainless steel prop utilizes a special shear pin that protects it from damage when encountering underwater obstacles. Also features a replaceable, hub-mounted zinc anode to fight galvanic corrosion.

Models Available
Model Volts Thrust Shaft Lengths
E-Drive 48 2 hp 20"
E-Drive Tiller 48 2 hp 20"

2-Year Warranty – E-Drive Electric Outboard motors feature Minn Kota’s two-year warranty.