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Dual Action Jack Plate Model 300

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Dual Action Jack Plate Model 300

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Dual Action Jack Plate Model 300

Panther Jackplates
Really want to impress your friends and neighbors? Attach one of these puppies to your rig and watch it take off. Finally, youll have a chance to whip each hotshot on the lake, before they even know what smoked em.
Dual Action Jack Plate Model 300

Bass, Walleye, Flats, and Ski performance boat owners need a Dual Action Jack Lift. Reasons why: better hole shot, higher top-end speeds, improved handling, shallow water running, keeping the bow down while getting on plane, and a lower outboard position for rough water conditions.
The Panther Dual Action Jack Lift Model 300 is a proven and reliable favorite of performance boaters. It provides up to 5.5 inches of vertical prop lift and seven degrees of tuck in the lowest position. And, the Jack Lift adds eight inches of outboard setback for improved handling. Once on plane, trim out the engine, raise the 300 and hang on! Designed for outboards up to 550 lbs, the powerful electro-mechanical 5,000 pound thrust actuator responds immediately to the push button switch. The Jack Lift is constructed of cast aluminum, which has been chromate dipped and powder paint coated. Stainless steel hinge pins assures users many years of reliable service.